Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm Review

Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm

It is safe to say that our cars nowadays are not safe. The era we live in, demands taking extra measures in order to secure daily used items. One of the most needed items for many people are their cars because we have to admit, our lives fully depend on them.

This is why car alarm systems have been a strong asset for careful car-drivers who want to maintain their security. And as time went by, newer and better car alarms have been invented and they are more and more helpful.

Among them is the Xpress DX345 car alarm which will make your safety worries go away never leaving you disappointed. It is extremely helpful into deterring thieves and preventing other malicious acts against your vehicle. It has fantastic features that include programmable hijack system and a 3 channel alarm system.

Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm is one of the best buys out there in the market as it is reliable and it is guaranteed that it will become a great asset to your car. If you are intrigued by what we mentioned so far, we encourage to inform yourself on this wonderful item.

Features of Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm

In this user friendly item there are several remarkable features that need to be taken into consideration:

  • It weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Its size is 7.5 x 4.8 x 3.8 inches
  • Programmable Hijack System
  • Remote Trunk Release
  • Auto Central Lock
  • 3 Channel Alarm System
  • Two 4 Button Transmitters


The really helpful Xpress DX345 car alarm brings a lot of benefits to the table.

We’ll start of by saying how is it is to install. If you have a little experience in the field of car installation, like car audio, then this will be a very easy job for you.

Another thing, the owner manual is extremely easy to follow, so you won’t need to pay for a technician and trouble yourself from additional work on the car.

Additionally it is extremely effective in deterring thieves because it has a built in shock sensor with an ability to adjust sensitivity. This means that this car alarm can practically sense even smallest movements and actions towards your vehicle. As a plus, the siren is loud and it can scare away potential thieves.

It has an awesome dome light control that keeps the dome light turned on for a while after getting in. It also has rear hatch unlock on second button, parking lights blink, and provides all other things a car alarm should provide.


However, nothing is perfect and among the not-so-good sides of this car alarm comes the fact that the sensor can be “too sensitive”. Even though it is adjustable, you might need to take a few hours of work to find which the optimal sensitivity for your car is.

On the contrary, you might spend a few nights dealing with your alarm because it will wake you up.

It is highly individual, but some people found the siren to be too loud and annoying.

Also, you might find it annoying that the relay clicks a couple of times when you are locking or unlocking the vehicle to signal that the command is received.


The Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm car alarm is definitely an excellent solution to your vehicle safety problems. It has an enhanced sensitivity that will protect you even from thieves with the hands of a surgeon. No activity towards your car will pass unnoticed by this sensor.

It will also ease your life as you can lock or unlock the car from a distance and you can rid yourself of the unpleasing search for the keys. Also you can turn on/off the engine from distance with a click of a button, so you can say farewell to the days when you forgot your engine on and you later suffered the consequences.

Turning the engine on from distance can also benefit you with a heated driving environment during winter or a cooled one during hot summer days.

To be honest, it might require some time to mount it and install it, but then again you can do it by yourself if you do a thorough reading of the instructions. Not only will that save you some money, but it will also be an improvement of your handyman skills. The fact that even novices can mount it speaks for itself.

Lastly, even though in some cases it might require some modifications, it serves its purpose and it will deter thieves from your vehicle. While doing so, you will be sure that your car will stay in the same place where you left the previous day.


There are many reasons why car alarm systems are handy and needed. However the features of the Xpress DX345 scream quality and efficiency.

Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm provides you with a keyless entry that will really ease your life especially when you are in a hurry. The fact that it has built-in relays eases your life from the moment of mounting it-you plug it in, connect it to the light switch and you are good to go!

It offers wiring for positive or negative door triggers, hood-triggers while providing parking and interior lightning. You have the possibility to lock and unlock doors with the remote and to turn the engine off.

More importantly, this car alarm will release you of the worries at night. You will not have to be scared that you left a valuable in your car or in worse case, if your car gets stolen.

The sensor of highest quality and will inform you of any movements while the siren is so scary it will most likely chase off the potential burglar.

And even if it doesn’t chase away the burglar, this car alarm provides you with the option to turn off your engine at any time or even lock your thieve in the car just by using the remote. And of course, this is available due to the fact that the sensor can be adjusted to extreme sensitivity and you will also get a notification if someone tries to tow away your car.

So, say goodbye to the feeling of unrest and constant worrying because the Xpress DX345 Three Channel Call Alarm is here to protect you and chase the bad guys away!

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