Why Does My Car Alarm System Keep Going Off and How Can I Fix It?

Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Going Off and How Can I Fix It?

It is embarrassing to have a car alarm that goes off even when nobody is trying to break into the car. Its high-pitched sound is annoying especially for passersby. It keeps on going off for no reason.

You try pressing the remote for few times, but it still goes off. Then you ask, “Why does my car alarm keep going off?” If you are about to give up, here’s an informative article to solve your problem.

Car alarms can keep on going off for several reasons. Knowing each cause will help you identify the problem and find a solution.

Why does my car alarm system keep going off?

Car alarm systems are made with various kinds of sensors that affect their sensitivity towards the surroundings. Aside from the usual shock sensor, car alarms can also come with motion sensors to detect movement in the perimeter or inside the car.

They can also come with tilt sensors that detect when the car’s position is changed. You can determine if the alarm is triggered by activity or vibrations by placing the car in a different place.

A car alarm might keep going off because of its voltage settings. It may indicate a draining car battery. Car alarms are powered by the car battery in which they are programmed, and the problem could also be caused by a poor remote battery.

How to fix car alarms?

Fortunately, you can fix a car alarm by yourself. Here are some suggestions that you can do to end the noise.

These suggestions only fix the problem temporarily. You should have your car checked by a professional to establish the root cause of the problem.

  1. Insert the car key or press the key fob when you are very near the car. Try to unlock the car, lock it, and unlock it again. Doing so will send a signal to the car alarm that it should shut down. If the car alarm does not react using the key fob, the key fob might have a low battery. Try changing the battery and repeating the instructions. If the car alarm still goes off, you might need to have it checked by a professional.
  2. Do not press the panic button on the remote. You might wonder why your alarm keeps on going off, not knowing that you have accidentally hit the yellow or orange button on the remote. The panic button causes the car to honk and flash its lights. It might shut off within a specific amount of time or might not shut off unless you start driving your car.
  3. If the alarm keeps going off, try driving the car. In most cars, the ignition key shuts off the alarm. However, some cars won’t allow you to start the engine while the alarm is going off.
  4. The specific model of your car might have special features that cause the alarm to go off. Refer to the owner’s manual as it might provide useful information to help you. Some car manufacturers install different car alarms that involve specific instructions to make them work.
  5. If the suggestions above do not solve the problem, you might need to solve it in a more complicated way. You might need to work on the alarm’s fuse which is located in the car’s interior.

Refer to the owner’s manual to identify where your alarm is located and to identify the fuse. Take the fuse out using appropriate pliers.

Once you have removed the fuse, the alarm should go off immediately. Then, replace the fuse and see if the alarm goes off again.

If it does, you might need professional help to repair the car alarm.

  1. You might also need to consider replacing your car’s battery. Make sure to wear appropriate gear like masks and gloves to protect yourself from electrical sparks. The battery is usually located under the hood or in the trunk.

Disconnect the “NEG” or (-) negative terminal which is usually followed by a thick black cable. Do not completely take the negative terminal out, just loosen it instead. Disconnect the backup battery if your car has one.

Then, wait for the computer to reset the settings. It usually takes one hour. Don’t force reset as this might lead to losing the radio station presets or affecting the car’s clock.

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