What Keyless Remote Do I Need?

What Keyless Remote Do I Need?

Modern cars today are now locked and unlocked by using a keyless remote. The days when we need to put a key in the cars lock is gone. However, if in case you have lost your car remote and of course, you would really want it replaced, you might ask, “What keyless remote do I need?” We will be answering that but in the latter part of this article. First, let us discuss what a keyless entry system is.

A keyless entry system is an electronic lock that allows you to enter a building or get in a car without using a conventional key. The term itself basically connotes a lock controlled through a keypad placed on or near the door of the driver’s seat. This keypad is used so you could enter a numeric code. Today, these keypads have been replaced by touch-activated keypads, and this feature is still seen on some Lincoln and Ford cars.

There are also vehicles that are unlocked using a handheld device, and they are called remote keyless system or RKS. By pressing the button on the handheld device within the specified range, you will be able to lock or unlock your car. In addition, more advanced cars have a remote that is also able to turn on the engine without putting a physical key in the ignition.

What Keyless Remote Do I Need: Replacing Your Keyless Car Remote

There will be a time, maybe one once or twice in your life of owning a car that you will need to replace your car’s keyless remote. One of the most common reasons why you will need to replace your keyless remote is if you have lost it. Another reason is somebody might have stolen it. In addition, just like any electronic device, keyless remotes can go through wear and tear. Lastly, there also car owners who just want more features.

The process of replacing a keyless car remote is not the same as a traditional car key. There are things that you would need to consider before you could replace your keyless car remote because not all of them are the same. If you chose to purchase from an OEM keyless car remote provider, you need to look for the numbers on your old remote that you will match with the replacement remote. The following numbers are the ones you need to look for.

Part Number

If this number is the same as the one in your old remote, it means it will work. This commonly has a couple of letters in front of it which are P/N or GM.

FCC ID Number

When this number matches the one on the old remote, there is a chance that the remote will work with your car.

Canada Number and IC Number

It does not mean the car will work if these numbers match the ones in your old remote. The FCC ID and part number are still the best to check for a match up.

In the event that you don’t have the old key so you cannot check these numbers, you can actually call the dealership where you got your car. You can ask them the key fob part number of your car; moreover, have your car’s VIN numbers handy because they are going to ask for it.

Although costlier, you can also purchase the replacement car remote from your dealership because you can be sure that the remote will really work with your car. After purchasing the replacement keyless car remote, either from an OEM provider or your dealership, the key needs to be re-programmed.

The programming instructions are different depending on the car you have, but generally, you will just need to put the key in the ignition and start the car. If this does not work, follow the programming instructions that came with the new keyless car remote. However, if you are still having troubles, the best people to call are, again, your dealership.

Tips on Keeping Your Car Secure

Although a keyless car entry gives your car more security, there’s still a chance that it might get stolen. So, here are some tips on how you can keep your priced possession more secure.

Choose where you park.

It is best to park in a place where there are a lot of people, and there are CCTV cameras because thieves would think twice before they try to steal your car.

Never keep valuables in your car.

If you like leaving your wallet, purse or cell phone inside your car, this is the time to stop doing that. Leaving valuables in your car is like creating bait for thieves.

Keep your keys in a safe place.

Never leave a spare key in your car, it is always best that you keep your keys to yourself. However, if you really need to have a spare key, make sure you leave it to someone whom you really trust.

Never leave your car while it’s running.

Leaving your car while it’s running is an invitation for car thieves. So, in cases where you need to get something quickly inside your house, make sure to turn off your engine and secure your car before leaving it.


Losing your keyless car remote can be frustrating, not to mention, a huge hassle and costly; however, it is sometimes inevitable. This is the reason why we answered the question, “What keyless remote do I need?”, so it’s easier for you to find one. As mentioned above, replacing your keyless car remote is not the same as when you have lost a traditional car key where you just need to go to a locksmith.

In addition, having a keyless entry system in your car, like we have been saying, is not a guarantee that your car is protected from thieves. It is still best to take additional precautionary measures in securing your car.

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