What Is a Passive Car Alarm?

What Is a Passive Car Alarm?

A car alarm is a perfect way to protect your car against theft and intrusion, so it makes sense to install one in your car. It starts with choosing which type of car alarm you need. Should you get a passive alarm or an active one? What is a passive alarm on a car? What are the differences between a passive and active alarm?

When you’re out to buy a good car alarm, it is generally helpful to understand the two types and their differences.

What is a passive car alarm?

A passive car alarm automatically switches on once the key is removed from the ignition. It also turns on when the doors are shut.

The car owner does not have to do anything to turn on the alarm. This is why it is called a passive alarm.

Mounting a passive alarm is usually more convenient for car owners. It also gives the best protection for the car and the owner.

The car owner does not need to click the remote to activate the alarm; thus he cannot forget to switch it on. It might be a bit a nuisance if you need to quickly run back to the car to get something you forgot.

What is an active alarm on a car?

On the other hand, an active alarm requires the car owner to do something. When the doors are closed and the key is taken out from the ignition, you need to click the key hob or remote to activate the alarm.

This is why it is called an active alarm. It requires the active participation of the owner.

With an active alarm, the car owner has complete control over when to switch on the car alarm. You can conveniently go back to the car to get forgotten things. This kind of convenience though can result in less protection.

Most car alarm systems can be converted from passive to active or vice versa. The car owner can do it themselves or ask a professional auto detailer to do it.

The choice of passive or active alarm is subjective and depends on the preference of the car owner. The choice boils down to convenience and level of protection.

Bestselling car alarm systems

To make sure that the car alarm you install is reliable and functional, buy a brand that is of good quality. The following car alarm systems are some of the best-selling in the auto world today.

Many car owners are satisfied with them and have given them high ratings.

Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm

The Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm has a dual-shock sensor that emits a 6-tone siren for light contact and an ear-splitting alarm for a serious break-in attempt. It displays a bright LED inside the car to warn the thief that the car is equipped with a security system.

With the Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm, you can control your car even when you are a quarter of a mile away.

You can start the engine, open the door or open the trunk even when you are not yet in the car’s proximity.  Through its LCD remote control, you are notified about the status of your car.

Easyguard EC003 Smart Key PKE Car Alarm System

The Easyguard EC003 Smart Key PKE Car Alarm System features PKE passive keyless entry that lets you control the car with just the press of a button. It works in a 1-3 meter range.

With this feature, you can also start the engine from a distance. This is very useful especially in winter conditions when you need to keep your engine running from time to time to prevent the engine fluids from freezing.

Auto Page RF-425LCD Vehicle Alarm Security System

The Auto Page RF-425LCD Vehicle Alarm Security System is equipped with a dual-zone shock sensor. It emits a squeaking alarm for minor disturbances and a louder alarm for severe impacts. The sensitivity of this sensor is adjustable.

Similar to the other car alarm systems above, the Auto Page RF-425LCD Vehicle Alarm Security System also comes with a 2-way LCD remote that notifies you about your car’s status and allows you to control your car even from a distance.

There are a lot more advantages to installing car alarms aside from adding protection and convenience. Whether a passive or active car alarm, it lessens the cost of car insurance. Happy driving!

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