What Alarm Does My Car Have?

What Alarm Does My Car Have?

In this article, we will be answering the question “What alarm does my car have?” but first, here’s the history of car alarms. The first application for a patent for a car alarm happened in 1918, and this car alarm was invented by St. George Evans and Edward Birkenbuel. Their invention was an electric alarm system which sends current to the horns of the car when the engine gets activated by somebody else.

The thief will be able to turn your engine on but the car will be honking non-stop or until the battery of the car dies. Fast forward to the present time, car alarms are now more sophisticated and more difficult to bypass. Although car alarms are not perfect all the time, having this system installed in your vehicle will give you peace of mind that your car is secure.

However, car alarms can get triggered accidentally because in some cars, sensors can be highly sensitive. So, there are times that it is ignored when it goes off. Car alarm companies are continuously making adjustments in their products, so this problem could be addressed.

What Alarm Does My Car Have: Identifying Aftermarket and OEM Security Systems

The first sign that your car might have an alarm system is if you have a fob. In case you don’t know what a fob is, a fob also called a car remote is a handheld device that allows you to unlock and lock your car without putting in a key on the car’s lock. The fob can sometimes be used to arm or disarm your car’s alarm system; however, there are cases that cars don’t have an alarm system even though there is a fob.

Aftermarket Security System Identification

In case you bought a used car and it comes with an aftermarket fob, it is most likely that the car has an alarm system. In most cases, fob features, such as locking and unlocking the car, disarming and arming the security system, and activating remote starters, can all be done using a single fob. However, there is also a possibility that each of these features was installed individually and independent from one another.

So, the best thing to do is to check the hood of your car and the key fob.

Key Fob

If your key fob only has two buttons which are the lock and unlock buttons, there is a great possibility that the car does not have an alarm. On the other hand, if your fob has a third button and when you press it causes the horn to honk, or the horn honks when you press the lock button, then your car may have an alarm system, or it might also be a feature that lets you trick other people to think that your car has an alarm system.

Car Hood

Opening your car hood should tell you right away if you have an aftermarket security system. There is usually a siren that is mounted in the compartment of the engine. You can also look for the control box which will tell you what alarm system you have so you can search for the documentation on how to use it.

OEM Security System Identification

The fob of the newest cars is only used to lock and unlock the door so, having a fob does not mean that your car has an alarm system and never assumes that you have one. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check the user manual because this will usually tell you if your car is already equipped with one or you have an option to get one. Furthermore, if the user manual is not available, you need to contact your dealership.

Before you contact them, you have to have your vehicle identification number or VIN ready, and once that’s provided to the local dealer, they should be able to tell what options you have or if your car really has an alarm system installed.

Even though OEM alarms are infrequent, a lot of new cars have some kind of security features. For example, if your fob has a third button that allows you to turn on your engine remotely, there is a chance that it has anti-theft feature too. In addition, it might have a feature that automatically shuts down the engine once the car detects that the key fob is not within range.

However, there are some security features that won’t need a fob to function such as a vehicle tracking system. Moreover, there is OEM telematics that has auto shut down and tracking features which don’t need a fob to work.

With all those said, the best way to find out if you have an alarm system, whether you have a new or a used car, is to check the user’s manual or check with your dealership. These two are the best way to find out rather than you tinkering with the car remote or the car itself.


It is undeniable that alarm systems, or car alarms, for that matter, are of extreme importance nowadays especially if you own an expensive car. Most modern cars usually have a security system or an alarm system that is already installed but if there is none, getting one installed in your car is not that difficult. Of course, you won’t be doing it yourself. It is best to let an expert install your security system for you.

However, before installing an alarm system, you first need to check if you have one already installed. It is now very easy to find out if your car has an alarm system because of the guide above.

If you will try to Google “What alarm does my car have?”, there will be people in forums that will suggest you do some things which are kind of a guessing game but, because of this article, you can now quickly find out if your car has an alarm system or not and also, what kind is installed in your car.

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