The Viper 3305V Responder 2-Way Security System Review

The Viper 3305V Responder 2-Way Security System Review

When it comes to car security, you really shouldn’t take any short cuts. One of the most impressive and easy to use electronic systems on the market to date is The Viper 3305V 2-Way Security System. It makes use of the most sophisticated electronic technologies to date, in order to ensure maximum safety and protection for your vehicle.

This product comes with one 2 way and 1 way remote. One of its most impressive features has got to be the keyless entry. It comes equipped with a state of the art sensory system which works in helping to detect any thieves who want to steal your car or parts of your car.

This alarm system not only protects your car, but it incorporates technology and modern features in order to provide extra protection and peace of mind. If you are searching for one system to keep your car safe at all times, then this is certainly a great product to consider.


The Viper 3305V Responder 2-Way Security System really does have some impressive features. Some of the best features include:

  • LCD screen
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • Anti-carjacking
  • Keyless entry
  • Domelight Supervision
  • SmartStart Compatible
  • Optional Remote start
  • Comfort Closure
  • 10′ Control center cable
  • Soft-chirp Siren
  • 1,500 Feet Range


  • Affordable and efficient
  • Highly convenient e.g.: keyless entry
  • Equipped with everything you need
  • Easy to self-install
  • Trusted and reliable brand
  • LED lights shines from far away
  • Many optional sensors you can choose to install
  • LCD display on the remote is easy to read
  • More sophisticated than regular alarms
  • Shock sensor is adjustable


  • The siren is not loud enough
  • The remote itself is plastic and not the best quality
  • You will need to pay extra for professional install, if you are unable to do it yourself
  • The battery in the remote may not last long enough
  • If the alarm goes off you may need to reset the entire thing
  • Extra components may need to get bought

The Viper 3305V Responder 2-Way Security System is honestly one of the very best car security alarm devices on the market. In terms of the price and the quality, you really will be getting a great deal. It does the job of protecting your car extremely well, as is evident with all its different features.

The pager literally lets you know when your car is locked or unlocked. What more could you possibly ask for? You will be able to operate your cars security features from a distance. It is a trusted brand, which is super reliable and dependable. In terms of getting a package deal with everything that you could need, this is a real solution for your cars safety and security.

One of the very best aspects of this alarm is that it works on the majority of vehicles. This means that for business purposes a company could install one of these on each of its vehicles and be assured that all the vehicles are safe and protected. The blue indicator armed light ensures that it is visible from a distance, especially during the night this in itself can prevent theft and all sorts of other potential problems. There are also many optional sensors for you to choose to install, providing you with different options, according to your set needs and requirements for your vehicle.


How does The Viper 3305V2-Way Security System stack up to other related products you may be wondering? This is a fair question and we have done the leg work for you. We have done a comparison with the AUDIOVOX PRESTIGE APS25E Remote Car Alarm and the Directed Avital 2 Way security system. We have taken the time and energy to look into these different products in order to provide you with a fair and accurate comparison.

Starting off with the AUDIOVOX PRESTIGE APS25E Remote Car Alarm, this device makes use of a parking light flasher. It also comes with dual stage shock and has a 500 foot transmitter range. It also has a panic remote and comes with many features. However the set up and installation can be very confusing due to all the parts and instructions. It is not as effective and certainly not as simple as the Viper 2 way system.

The Directed Avital 2 Way on the other hand also has a 2 way system. The features may be different, in that the main remote has tone and vibrate modes. It also has a parking light and a dome light. In addition it also works 1,500 feet away. However you may need to carry around multiple keys for it.

Although all three devices are quality items, there should be no disputing the fact that The Viper 3305V 2-Way Security System comes with the most features and offers the best security for your vehicle.


When it comes to comparing alarm systems and car security, it is important to look at all the features. It is also important to look at the quality and brand. In terms of a direct comparison on these three devices mainly The Viper 3305V 2-Way Security System, The Directed Avital 2 Way and the UDIOVOX PRESTIGE APS25E Remote Car Alarm, there can only be one distinguishing winner of them all.

Hands down the best product has got to be The Viper 3305V 2-Way Security System; its impressive list of features makes it the winning product. Another aspect which makes it a sure winner is that it can work on the majority of makes and models of cars. In terms of its security features it has more features than the others, which also makes use of higher levels of technology.

In terms of the overall package and deal, this is the best device for multiple cars. In terms of installation it was also easier to install. It also has more pros than it does cons by far. In terms of brand, features, reputability and quality, it is a sure winner for every car owner.

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