How to Install a Car Alarm System

Safeguarding Your Car: How to Install a Car Alarm System

It might startle the entire neighborhood but a car alarm system keeps your car and belongings secure. It is a small piece of electronic device that alarms you when someone attempts to get into your car. Car alarms can cost a bit depending on the features and who installs it.

One way to save a few bucks is to mount it yourself. How do you install car alarm system?

Whether you have just purchased a second hand vehicle or a new car, it is worth investing in a car alarm. They are often installed by a professional auto detailer.

But did you know that you can actually install one by yourself? All you need is a pretty detailed, easy-to-follow guide on how to install a car alarm system. Here it is:

How to install a car alarm system

Installing a car alarm system involves 4 steps:

  1. Choosing a good quality car alarm system
  2. Mounting the siren
  3. Wiring the car alarm into the car
  4. Attaching the battery and testing the setup

How to install car alarm system: step by-step guide

So here is the step-by-step guide on installing a car alarm.

Part 1. Choose a good quality car alarm system

There is a large choice of car alarm systems in auto shops today. The specific alarm you need depends on the degree of complexity of your car.

You may choose a basic alarm system that triggers when the lock is forced or the door is open. You may also choose a complex alarm system that comes with a remote control to inform you about the status of your car.

Step 1.

Auto experts recommend purchasing a factory alarm system. Look for one that is compatible with your car. A new car might come with an alarm system as an add-on which can be easily installed.

Step 2.

Think of the kind of alarm system that you need and the budget you have. Simple alarm system costs the least. Complex alarm systems are more expensive but have more features.

A complex alarm system will be able to start or turn off the engine and lock/unlock the doors and trunk through a remote or a smartphone. Complex alarm system may also require professional installation.

Step 3.

Once you have purchased an alarm system, read the manual carefully. Pay attention to all the relevant details. Plan out the whole installation process to make sure it functions properly.

Disconnect any wiring and remove any batteries before installation to avoid accidents.

Part 2. Mount the siren

In this part, you need the following materials: zip ties, wire cutters, mechanic gloves, crimping tool, multimeter, electric tape and a handheld drill. Other alarm systems need more materials for the installation.

Step 1.

It is the siren that produces the high-pitched sound. It should be mounted in an unobstructed portion in the engine bay on any metal surface.

It should be at least 18 inches from the hot engine parts such as the turbo charger or exhaust.

Step 2.

Look for holes where the wires can pass through the rubber or plastic portion of the firewall. Then the wires will be connected to the battery which supplies power to the alarm system.

If there is no existing hole, drill it. However, avoid drilling on the metal portion of the firewall because you might damage the central elements.

Part 3. Wiring the car alarm into the car

Step 1.

Refer to the manual to create the portion where the computer alarm connects. Some alarm systems are standalone computer units, while others reside in the car’s dashboard or computer.

Step 2.

Mount the other sensors such as the shock sensor and motion sensor. The manual suggests where they can be installed.

Step 3.

Plot the area where you can place the LED light. The LED light indicates that the alarm system is functioning.

Step 4.

Drill a small hole where the LED light will be placed. Then wire it into the system.

Part 4. Attach the battery and test the set up

Step 1.

Attach the power wire to the battery and check if the alarm system will turn on.

Step 2.

Test the security alarm system is functioning. Try pushing the car door or using the panic button. Make sure that the car alarm sounds when you do these activities.

Step 3.

If the alarm system works properly, pack the loose wires and safeguard their connections. Also protect the computer alarm and wires inside the dashboard.

Step 3 is important to avoid issues in power supply, unnecessary turning off and more.

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