Omega K9 Mundial-4 Review

Omega K9 Mundial-4 Review

Car alarm systems are an essential accessory to prevent your car from being stolen by would-be thieves. They also protect you and your family’s safety whether you are in or outside the car.

If a convenient and high-quality car alarm system is what you are looking for, why not try the new Omega K9 Mundial-4? This improved car alarm model promises to deter thieves while protecting your belongings.

It is easy to install and will work fine with most makes and models of vehicles. It allows a keyless remote entry by just pressing one button

Speaking of buttons, this comes in a package with two 4-button remote controls or transmitters of the same kind. Both the remotes are 433MHz coded.

What people find interesting about this model is its ability to set off siren and chirps that can be either loud or quiet. Because of the multi-tone electronic siren, the sound is more alarming and ear catching.

Aside from these functions, the car alarm also features door-activated anti-carjack and transmitter-activated anti-carjack functions. The Omega K9 Mundial-4 also has a dual-zone shock sensor that detects bumps and impact to your car too.

Features of Omega K9 Mundial-4

An improved version of Omega K9 Mundial Car Alarm System

  • Allows for keyless remote entry
  • Includes two 1-way and 4-button 433MHz code-jumping transmitters and two remote transmitters
  • Starter interrupt also known as starter kill function to protect car against hot wiring
  • Dual-zone shock sensor for detecting blows or impacts to your car
  • Door-activated anti-carjack and transmitter-activated anti-carjack features for added security
  • Includes panic current sensing, easy valet, and pre-warming selectable siren or horn output
  • Multi-tone electronic siren that is programmable to be loud or quiet
  • Last-door arming and auto re-arm features which activate within 30 or 60 seconds
  • Compatible with most models and types of vehicle
  • Comes complete with a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping


Sometimes a simple and unsophisticated car alarm is better than one with fancy advanced features that might limit the effectiveness of the basic functions. The Omega K9 Mundial-4 is a straightforward alarm with good basic features.

This product is said to be better than the earlier version because it has an improved security system. Thus, it is able to better protect your car and belongings against thieves.

With lots of positive reviews on Amazon, you are sure to find this car alarm satisfying.

This car alarm is good enough to ease your worries about thieves and car robberies. One of the best things about this is the easy-to-install accessories that only take a few hours to install.

Unlike other brands that have more advanced features and so many little accessories, the installation process with this car alarm is simple. You will be able to follow the instructions from the manual step by step.

What’s more is that it is compatible with most vehicles. So whether you have a car or a truck, this car alarm should be work just fine.

Also included in the package are two 4-button remote controls that allow you to manage some operations of your car. Even if you are a long way away from it, you will be able to arm and disarm or lock or unlock your vehicle.

Aside from this, the keyless remote entry also comes in handy when you do not have enough hands to search for your keys just to open the door. As for the siren, you have two settings to choose from. You can program the siren to sound really loud or produce quiet confirmation chirps.

Other features worth mentioning are the multi-tone electronic siren that is more ear-catching than a regular siren, the anti-carjack features that are either door activated or transmitter activated and the Dual Zone Sensor for detecting blows and impacts.

You can get all this for an affordable price that includes free shipping and a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Though this car alarm is already great as it is, many people still think that the manufacturer needs to improve some of its features. One issue is that the extra transmitters seem to be hard to program.

While the installation instruction is simple, the instructions for programming are rather confusing. This is especially true for those using it for the first time.

Aside from this, the price tag for this simple car alarm is somewhat expensive. You can buy one with the same functionalities and features for a cheaper price.


Despite the drawbacks, the Omega K9 Mundial-4 is still one of the best in its category. It may not be as cheap as the other brands but it is more reliable and durable. Overall, it is highly recommended.

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