Keyless Entry Car How Does It Work

Keyless Entry Car How Does It Work

Before discussing keyless entry car how does it work, let’s first talk about the origins of the keyless car entry system which was first introduced in 1980 by the Ford Motor Company. The Mercury Cougar, Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln Town Car, and Lincoln Continental Mark VI were the first cars to feature this technology. Ford’s keyless entry system is a keypad outside the door of the driver seat in which you have to enter a code.

In 1984, Nissan followed with their Nissan Maxima and Fairlady. Meanwhile, the keyless entry system where you have to press a handheld device was first seen on the French-made car, Renault Fuego in 1982. Moreover, in 1983 American Motors offered this option on several of their cars, and in 1989, the feature became popular in the US.

Keyless Entry Car How Does It Work: The Role of Radio Signals

A keyless car entry system uses a remote control, often called a fob, so you could gain access to your car. This remote does not only lock and unlock a car but also, do other functions. In addition, this remote control sends encrypted radio frequency signals, when already in range, to the vehicle and these signals get taken by a receiver within the car. Moreover, this signal is typically 300 to 400 MHz.

Once the remote control has sent a signal to your car, the lights of the car flash and make a chirping sound. This signifies that the car is either locked or unlocked. So, how does it really happen? We just know that when you press your car remote, you can already open its door and get inside or out. But, this is an intricate process and this will be discussed in detail in this article.

A keyless entry car system pretty much has the same idea as a TV remote control. Like in a TV remote, the fob functions with the help of radio waves, a type of electromagnetic radiation. As mentioned earlier, the car remote, when it is already in the specified range, will send a coded signal to the receiver unit in your car. The receiver deciphers that signal so that your car can be closed or opened. You may ask, “Can other car remotes open other cars?” The answer is no.

This is because modern car manufactures created a sophisticated encryption system to prevent other car remotes from interfering with your own keyless entry system’s radio signals. Therefore, every time you lock and unlock your car, it sends a different code each time and the code combinations are pretty much endless. So, you can be at peace that your precious car won’t be stolen.

Today, there are ultra-modern car remotes that won’t require you to press anything which is called Passive Keyless Entry or PKE entry systems. In addition, this remote is also called as a smart key, advanced key or hands-free key. This car remote won’t require you to push anything because the device itself has both the transmitter and receiver. So, once you are near your car even if your remote is in your pocket, the remote will automatically unlock the door.

There are even more advanced remotes that will turn on your engine without you needing to put a key in the ignition. However, this feature is mostly seen on luxury cars.

Keyless Car Entry: The Pros and Cons

The first advantage of keyless car entry is it is almost theft-proof. Unless the thief is a hacker, it’s going to be very difficult to steal your car. There are even cars that will not start once it recognizes that the code being transmitted to it is not the right one.

Another feature of this product is it is very convenient. Imagine yourself alone in the parking lot, and you feel like someone is following you, a keyless car entry will be very helpful because you don’t have to search for your keys so you could get into your car.

As for its cons, getting a replacement in case you lose your fob is not like with a traditional car key where you just need to go to a locksmith. With fobs, you would have to go to your dealership to get it replaced, and this does not come cheap. In addition, the hassle of not being able to use your car for a few days is a huge drawback.

Finally, no matter how sophisticated your car security system is, it is never perfect. There will always be a chance that your security system will be breached by a highly skilled hacker. However, stealing a car with a keyless entry is much harder than a car that does not have a security system. Also, car manufacturers continually improve their security systems to make their cars theft-proof.


Now that you know what keyless entry car how does it work, it is only right to say that this security system for cars is quite useful especially if you own a very expensive car. Thanks to the engineers who thought of using the idea of a TV remote control in making car entry more convenient and at the same time securing one of your most valuable possessions from the prying eyes of thieves.

Moreover, there were reports that car theft rates have gone down for the reason that security systems have made it difficult for them to steal a car. Gone are the days when you can simply open a car with a knife or hair clips and start the engine by simply hotwiring. Although, as mentioned above, these security systems are not breach-free, they still provide the security that car owners want.

Therefore, they are able to sleep soundly at night even if they have just parked their cars on the side of the street and they have the assurance that once they wake up, their cars are still there to take them to whatever destination they wish to go to.

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