How to Stop a Car Alarm?

How to Stop a Car Alarm?

Installing a car alarm system is never a bad idea. A car alarm is an electronic device that produces a loud sound when someone attempts to get into the car. But it can be annoying if even in just the slightest motion, the car alarm goes off.

People who just pass by your car might be startled if the alarm goes off randomly. How can you stop a car alarm that’s malfunctioning?

There are several possible reasons why your car alarm might be going off. Some of them are:

  • Draining car battery and alarm remote battery
  • Faulty voltage settings
  • Different sensor sensitivity
  • Panic button
  • Specific features of your car and car alarm
  • Malfunctioning fuse

By identifying the reason why the car alarm keeps going off, you will know how to solve it. The following are some methods for stopping a car alarm.

How to stop a car alarm? Replace the battery

This method is little bit complicated and requires you to wear safety attire such as an eye mask and gloves. This method might involve electrical sparks that you should protect your body from.

  1. Find where the battery is located. It is usually placed at the engine compartment under the hood or in the trunk. When the battery is in the trunk, it is usually hidden under the carpeted wood and beside the spare tire. If you can’t find the battery, refer to the owner’s manual. Check for any protective cover that might be hiding it.
  2. If you’ve found the battery, remove the ground wire from the negative terminal. The negative terminal is easily identified by the symbol (-) or letters “NEG” and it is followed by thick black cable. Using the appropriate pliers, loosen the nut; do not remove it completely.
  3. If there is any backup battery, remove it. Refer to the owner’s manual to check if your car has one.
  4. The computer will reset for about one hour depending on the model of car. Wait for it to reset and avoid forcing it as it might also reset the clock or lose the radio station presets.
  5. Attach the battery by connecting the negative terminal to the ground cable. Using the same pliers you used earlier, tighten the nut. Make sure that it is connected securely or the car might suddenly shut off while you are on the road.

How to stop a car alarm? Check the key and key fobs

This method temporarily solves the problem on how to stop a car alarm. The car still needs a professional checkup even if this method works.

  1. Unlock and lock the door using the car key. Most factory alarms automatically stops when the car key is used. Do it by unlocking the car, locking it, and unlocking it again. This send signal to the alarm system to shut off.

Do the same when using the key fob. If the alarm continues to go off, the key fob’s battery might be drained.

  1. When doing this method, make sure that you do not press the panic button. Key fobs usually have a yellow or orange button which causes the car to honk or flash the lights. This panic button automatically turns off after a specific time or when you drive the car.
  2. The car alarm might stop when you drive the car. Do it by unlocking the door and starting the car. However, some car models prevent the car from starting while the alarm is sounding.
  3. You might also need to read the user’s manual. This method will give you some important information about your car’s model, the alarm system and their compatibility. It also contains information on how to stop the car alarm.

Top car alarm systems

One tip to prevent faulty car alarms is to install a good quality unit.

Here are some of the top-selling car alarms in the auto world today:

Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm.

A dual stage shock sensor car alarm, this Viper 5305V 2 Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm produces a very loud 6-tone siren. It is equipped with a FailSafe Starter Kill feature that prevents hot-wiring and a 2-way LCD remote control that allows you to control your car even from a distance.

Code Alarm CA6554 Car Remote Start/Security System.

This is another 2-way LCD remote control system that allows you to send commands even at a 2,500-foot distance. It also has a dual-stage shock sensor that can be adjusted to different degrees of sensitivity.

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