How To Set Off A Car Alarm Remotely

How To Set Off A Car Alarm Remotely

If you are worried about the safety of your car and you are totally nonplussed, and you don’t have an idea on how to protect it, then here’s how to save yourself a lot of headaches. A remote car alarm is your best defense against car theft.

Getting your auto stolen is one of the worse experience that you might experience during your lifetime (not as worse as death though). And if it had been newly acquired through a loan, then that could definitely amplify the severity of the situation.

We know you don’t want this to happen to you but just to be sure, you must take the necessary precautions by setting up the proper defenses to thwart the efforts of the scumbags who want to steal your precious car. Adopting the latest security alarm is a surefire way to stay ahead of the highly skilled scoundrels. It might be a costly endeavor, but you can’t compare that to the safety that it would bring to your valuable property.

How to set off a car alarm remotely

Thanks to the infrared technology, anyone can arm or disarm the car alarm remotely by pressing the panic button. This button has either an asterisk, a honk sign or the word “panic mode” inscribed on it. In most cases, the car will go into blares scaring off any probable intruder. Every car comes with its own remote, and no two cars can be operated by one unit because the radio-wave pulse is only linked to a particular car’s system.

The primary purpose of a portable keychain transmitter (remote) is to provide you with a way to switch your alarm on and off once you’ve stepped out the car. The lights will flash, then followed by a brief honk to notify you and those around that the alarm is on. Note that only a remote has the power to allow you to turn on an alarm when a few feet away from your car.

Longer distances or presence of barriers in the way can weaken or block the radio wave signals from reaching the car’s electronics. So make sure you do this from a shorter distance with minimal obstructions on the way. Also, you need to ensure the batteries have sufficient power to transmit signals. Otherwise, you would just be wearing down the remote’s keys.

Components of remote car alarms and their benefits

There are quite a number of benefits which tag good car security installation; an additional advantage besides theft protection is cheap coverage. Insurance companies love it when you take the initiative to secure your car; they reward this by offering cheap auto insurance premium. Below are some of the devices to consider when installing security on vehicles.

  • Alarm systems

Installing good alarm systems is one sure way of protecting your car from thieves. An exceptional alarm system incorporates a passive mechanism in that the alarm is programmed in such a way that it works indirectly with the car electrical systems. Such alarms can go undetected even by the smartest thieves thanks to the decoy alarm set to distract burglars.

Whatever the alarm system you choose, be certain the noise produced as a result of an alarm set off is high enough to deter the criminals.

  • Remote Keyless Systems

The security market has a good variety of remote keyless entry systems. A vehicle fitted with a remote keyless system gives the owner an option of locking and unlocking the car remotely. The system works by sending pulses of radio frequencies which are unique to the installed receiver on the car. Car security on this system is beefed up in such a way that if by any chance you operate the remote buttons in wrong way, then an alarm is set off. Change the batteries often, so you don’t have to hard-press the buttons to trigger a response.

  • Immobilizers

An engine immobilizer is a good security system to equip on a car. It works by cutting the fuel or the ignition wiring whenever a wrong combination of car access is censored. The best thing about most car security gadgets is that they can be programmed or reprogrammed to work in a way that you find suitable to your needs.

  • Trackers

Having your car installed with a tracking device is one of the best ways of keeping it out of the thieves’ hands. Vehicles installed with tracking devices will always be found since the trackers are connected to the satellite and will pinpoint the location of the car.

What happens when I can’t trace my remote?

Some cars come with an extra remote in case one malfunctions. However, if your remote gets lost or damaged, you won’t be able to operate your car until you have the alarm system removed or get a new remote. A new remote can be obtained from any auto dealership and then programmed in accordance with your car’s electronics. Make sure to ask the dealer to inspect your car and recommended a remote that will function well with it.

Programming a new remote to work with your car

Here is how you can get a new remote to work with your car:

Step one: close all the doors, the trunk and the hood

Put the key in the ignition port and turn it two times to the right (that is two steps shy of the “start” position), close all the doors, trunk, hood and any other open part.

Step two: release the override

Within 8 seconds, press and release the override button five times.

Step three: finalize the process

Finish the programming process by pressing the lock button on the remote.

Step four: program other remotes

If you bought more than one remote, it pays to program all of them at once rather than having to do it again in the near future. To do that, just repeat step 3 and 4. Once you are done, pull out the key from the car’s ignition, close the door and punch any button on the remote to see if it’s working. If it doesn’t, repeat all the four steps above.

Now that you know how to set off a car alarm remotely and how to program a new remote if the older one fails, you can always be sure that you precious property will never be a victim of theft. Parting advice, if your current alarm has some issues, get it fixed or replace it with a new one. Never let your car be an easy target for thieves.

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