Directed Electronics Universal Immobilizer Bypass Review

Directed Electronics Universal Immobilizer Bypass Review

If you’re installing a remote start system in your car, chances are you will need a bypass module. Many vehicles are electronically manufactured to counteract such systems, and therefore bypass modules are necessary. This equipment comes handy for folks who are having a hard time getting there remote start system working.

Many people installing remote start equipment into their vehicle have no idea that a bypass module will be needed, until the situation arises where the system doesn’t work altogether. Here, we will be taking a look at Directed Electronics bypass module system, and subsequently comparing it with another system in its own league.


Compatible with a wide variety of alarms Two wire system, making for an easy installation without the help of a professional Radio frequency bypass module system


Has a universal appeal in that it can be used alongside a wide variety of alarm systems, making it a safe purchase in terms of useEasily capable of bypassing anti-theft systems Constructed of metal and plastic, adding to its durability tremendously Immobilizer is not bypassed unless remote start is activated Easy to either connector disconnect due to its two wire system. Works great with trucks and SUVs


Dealer may need to install coded key Has had some issues with Jeeps


Overall, the Directed Electronics Immobilizer is a product that stands on its own two feet. It seems to do everything asked of it by those in need of a bypass module. It easily bypasses the anti-theft systems installed in most cars, and gives the user the opportunity to quickly start their car, working alongside alarms effortlessly.

Another feature that is great about this product, and a reason why many people are clamoring toward it, is the fact that is compatible with a wide variety of trucks and SUVs. Although it is universal enough to work with just about any vehicle system, truck owners in particular are drawn to this bypass module.

Unlike many bypass modules, this system can be easily installed even by those who are not proficiently technically minded. This makes it ideal because a lot of installation money will potentially be saved. It’s simple two wire system is easy to understand and doesn’t take long to set up.

Many bypass modules take hours, if not the help of a professional, to get up and running. Ultimately, you want for your bypass module to be working as little time as possible. The two wire system makes this a reality.


Another product worth taking a look at is the Crimestopper Key Override Bypass Kit. It is similar to the Directed Electronics kit in many ways. It features a data bypass function through an encrypted key method. It is compatible with some hybrid cars, making it unique for the average bypass module of the past. It can even remain functional at up to -40 degrees Celsius.

This is in part due to the durability of its design. For the most part it is metal and plastic made. This adds to the level of quality that many have come to expect from Directed Electronics products. Many bypass modules are constructed primarily of cheap plastic, separating this product from the majority of them.

Rather than going with a cheap product, it is ultimately better to invest in something of quality craftsmanship. It may cost slightly more, but when it comes to your car, putting the extra money in is wise. Although in many ways it is the same as the Directed Electronics system, it is nowhere near as universal.

For example, the Directed Electronics bypass module works on just about any model vehicle, whereas the Crimestopper only works on a select few vehicles. Another downside is that the company is not as helpful when it comes to customer service. Comparatively, the Directed Electronics customer service stands out as supreme. The company seems to have by far more information available to users both online and over-the-phone.

This is great for first-time bypass module users. Therefore, if one were to have questions during the installation process, or in understanding the product itself, a lot of them would go unanswered. This is a huge downside to Crimestoppers bypass module product. Although it certainly can do what one wishes for it do, it is not a good feeling to know that if you were to have questions nobody professional would be accessible to receive the information.

Also, Viper systems in particular, have experienced some difficulty in getting this system to function. Rather than wasting your money on a bypass module that you suppose may not be Universal enough to work with your vehicle, you may as well go with one that is such as the Directed Electronics module.


Overall, the Directed Electronics bypass module is in a league of its own. Most bypass modules cannot hold a candle to it due to the fact that they are nowhere near as universal. It is important to know when purchasing a bypass module that your product will be compatible with your vehicle. This bypass module is compatible with just about any, making it a safe purchase as previously stated.

The 2 wired system also makes it a competitive bypass module. Some of these systems can cause an excess of $300 just to get installed. But even someone non-technically minded can typically handle the installation process.

Directions are included with the product and there’s plenty of information online to assist the user in installing the bypass module.  If you are a truck owner, the system should work like a charm.

Many people who own SUVs as well have experienced much success with this bypass module. However, as previously stated, it has been shown that certain Jeep owners have had some difficulty, somewhat tampering the Directed Electronics universal appeal. Regardless, this is not with all Jeeps nor is it with any particular model.

Ultimately, chances are most Jeep owners will have no problem installing the module.  The product is also largely metal crafted. You can depend on it to not only last but to remain durable in the process. Replacement parts or an altogether new product are rarely the case.

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