Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System Review

Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System Review

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line car alarm with an amazing security system, consider the Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security system. This one of the brand’s most well received products with lots of favorable reviews on Amazon.

As the name implies, the car alarm has a 2-way LCD with a 5-button remote. You can either arm or disarm your security system by just pressing the button on the remote even if you are 1,500 feet away.

To confirm if you have activated or deactivated something on your system, you only have to look at the remote control’s large backlit LCD screen.  If someone is trying break into your vehicle and your siren sounds, the remote will vibrate or beep to inform you.

This product comes in a package with a 2-way and a 4-button 1-way remote in case you lose the first one. Aside from this, the Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System also comes with relays or switches for the starter kill, door locks, dome light and parking light. Other advanced features include the Zone-2 Impact sensor, Nuisance Prevention, Warn-Away, and Revenger Siren.

Features of Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System

  • 2-way car alarm with advanced security system
  • 2-way LCD 5-button remote control that works within a 1500-foot range
  • The primary remote is backlit and has tone and vibration modes
  • Remote beeps or vibrates to notify the car owner when the siren sounds
  • Starter interrupt or starter kill feature that protects the car against hot-wiring
  • Zone-2 impact sensor for detecting blows or impacts to your car; can react with chirps or a full-blast siren
  • Revenger Siren and Warn-Away for added security
  • Nuisance Prevention Circuitry, which is a neighborhood-friendly and anti-false-alarm technology
  • Comes with a secondary remote, which is a one-way 4-button transmitter
  • Product dimensions: 7.4 x 4.8 x 5.5 inches
  • Works well with most car models
  • Includes free shipping


If you think your old car alarm is not enough to protect your car, then you probably need an upgrade. If you’re looking for a new car alarm with advanced security your best bet would be the Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System.

This product is reasonably priced and can be bought with shipping included in the price. If you still find the price tag expensive, you can try to find it at a discounted price.

With lots of positive reviews on Amazon, it is evident that the car alarm has great features. According to reviews, this alarm deserves to be a top contender in the industry because of its advanced functionalities.

This is a 2-way car alarm that allows you to monitor your car even if you are up to 1,500 feet away. Aside from this, it also has the features that every car owner would expect from a premium alarm system.

So how does this two-way car alarm work? It pretty much does what a one-way car alarm does when someone tries to break into your vehicle. The siren will go off during a break-in or an attempted break-in to alert you.

If you are too far away from your vehicle or are in a soundproof building while the incident happens, the remote will notify you through a beep or vibration. This way, you will be more at ease while you are away from your car.

Another good thing about the remote is that it confirms commands through notifications seen on the backlit LCD. If the 2-way remote ever runs out of battery, the manufacturer provides an alternative.

Included in the package is a one-way remote with a 4-button function. This remote also allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle from a distance.

Other features that are also worth mentioning are the shock sensor, Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System and the Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System which works as an anti-false-alarm technology.


Having a car alarm with an advanced security system comes with disadvantages. According to some reviewers, the remote control’s lock and unlock buttons are not as responsive as they could be. There are times when you need to press them very hard to get them to work.

Others also noticed that the remote’s 1,500-feet range is shorter than the other brands with a longer communication range. Also, the siren does not sound very loud even at full blast. Lastly, configuring this two-way car alarm system seems to be confusing for some car owners.


Overall, the Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System is still a good choice for the price. It is a decent 2-way car alarm with features that are good enough to put you at ease when you are out of the car. Thus, it is recommendable.

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