Different Types of Car Alarm

Different Types of Car Alarm

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “car alarm”? Are you reminded of the dreaded sound they always make?

That might be true for the first car alarms introduced to the public. Today, you will see different types of car alarm with better features.

One of the good modern features is the ability for the owner to remotely turn them off. Before, this security accessory was only made available for very few vehicles. These days it is offered in most car alarms.

With so many options on the market, the main problem for consumers is how to choose the best car alarm for them. Since some car alarms offer so many features, it is hard to identify what technology they cannot live without.

Some are also not satisfied with the basic alarm that their car already has, wanting a few features more to enhance the security system.

This is why understanding the difference between different kinds of car alarm is so important before you start shopping for one.

Passive Car Alarms: Different Types of Car Alarm

This is probably the first kind of car alarm to consider because it is the most simple. Passive car alarms are already activated whenever the car is locked. So after you leave the car, you do not have to worry if you have set the alarm on.

Most passive car alarms do not have added features aside from the basic function. Of course, this type has limitations due to the lack of user control. You cannot have full control over the alarm or choose to activate particular features.

You can find passive car alarms already installed in cars. Others may also have chips in the keys that deactivate the ignition if a thief breaks in and uses a wrong key in the ignition.

Active Car Alarms

The active car alarm is obviously the opposite of the passive car alarm since it allows user intervention in order to be activated. This means you cannot just leave your doors locked because it will not automatically turn on. It is, therefore, not ideal for forgetful drivers.

However, the trade-off is greater control over the car alarm as well as access to the added functions. Most of the expensive car alarms for high-end vehicles are of the active variety.

Remote Start Car Alarms

This type of car alarm can also be classified as an active or passive car alarm. Aside from the alarm function, it can also remotely start a car from a distance, which is really helpful for car owners.

Since car alarms have always been connected to ignition systems since their introduction, this function is quite straightforward. How does it work? When the owner uses a remote for the alarm, it has to bypass any ignition lockout system.

Aside from this, it can also operate the locks of the start function, ensuring that the vehicle is secured until the owner reaches it to avoid any problematic situation such as a car robbery.

Two-Way Paging Car Alarms

A two-way paging car alarm is a sophisticated and high-end type of car alarm for deterring thieves. But the alarm is only one of its functions.

The reason why many car owners prefer this is because it can alert them when someone tries to break in the vehicle. When it is activated, it will create a loud and constant noise, thereby drawing attention and scaring the thief away.

Unlike other types that can only flash the vehicle lights to indicate that the alarm is activated, this one is more effective. Another good feature of this type is its ability to notify the owner when the alarm suddenly goes off for a certain reason, for example if a thief manages to deactivate it.

GPS Car Alarms

When a car is stolen, an alarm with GPS can help owners to locate their vehicle. This is very useful to police since they can use it to recover the stolen vehicle through online applications or sometimes through a text message sent to the owner. However, it still cannot completely prevent your car from getting stolen.

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