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How to Stop a Car Alarm?

Installing a car alarm system is never a bad idea. A car alarm is an electronic device that produces a loud sound when someone attempts to get into the car. But it can be annoying if even in just the slightest motion, the car alarm goes off. People who just pass by your car might […]


How to Install a Car Alarm System

It might startle the entire neighborhood but a car alarm system keeps your car and belongings secure. It is a small piece of electronic device that alarms you when someone attempts to get into your car. Car alarms can cost a bit depending on the features and who installs it. One way to save a […]


Easy Ways to Turn Off a Car Alarm

Car alarms are a smart way to warn thieves trying to break into a car. However, the high-pitched sound can be irritating and embarrassing if the alarm doesn’t function accurately. Are you having trouble with your car alarm? Won’t it turn off? There are different ways to turn off a car alarm including easy ways […]


How to Adjust a Car Alarm’s Sensitivity

While car alarms are useful protective tools for your car, they can be a bit of nuisance. They can startle the entire neighborhood, refuse to be turned off, and go off randomly. The good news is that car alarms are usually built with adjustable settings. You can adjust the volume and other features. This articles […]


Different Types of Car Alarm

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “car alarm”? Are you reminded of the dreaded sound they always make? That might be true for the first car alarms introduced to the public. Today, you will see different types of car alarm with better features. One of the […]


The Science Behind Car Alarms

For most people, their car is one of their most valuable possessions. This is the very reason why cars have always been a target for thieves. In fact, the first car theft was documented in 1896, which is a decade after the invention of gas-powered cars. Aside from this, there are also studies that claim […]

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