Car Alarms – Repair and Troubleshooting

Car Alarms – Repair and Troubleshooting

A broken car alarm is something that can happen to anyone. After all, the majority of people have spent a sleepless night because someone’s car alarm broke down in the middle of а highly populated area.

Even though in that situation we probably used every insulting word in our minds, we shouldn’t forget that it is something that can happen to anyone.

That is the reason why any car driver who has a car alarm installed into his or hers vehicle must know how to repair and troubleshoot a few things about the car alarms that would come in. Even though, troubleshooting the problem on your own may be done, in more serious circumstances the consult of a professional is inevitable.

However, because this is a common problem we decided to answer the most common questions regarding it:

What kind of problems can arise? Repair and troubleshooting

  • The remote isn’t working
  • The alarm can go off for long periods of time – or at very inappropriate times
  • The alarm cannot stop once it has started
  • The alarm cannot activate itself

Each of these has its own burden, because the ongoing alarm is highly annoying while the alarm that doesn’t go on is not even doing the only job it is purposed for.

What should you do?

If you think that you can handle this small crisis on your own we have a few tips that could be helpful in solving your problem, even if some are only temporary solutions. Here are some cases you can apply on repair and troubleshooting car alarm systems.

Remote isn’t working

If you cannot get your remote to work, the most common reason for this are the batteries. Low power in your batteries can cause malfunctions and the car alarm will not be receiving your commands.

Further on if this doesn’t work you should check the distance between your remote and your car because most remotes have quite limited working distance. Additionally, the space between your remote and the car receiver should be clear.

This is because the commands (they are radio waves though) can be interrupted by obstacles or other car alarms which can prevent the alarm from working. In this case try different angles until the alarm works.

Additionally, if your car doesn’t start, the remote might not even be the problem and there might be a problem with your starter. If your car won’t start check if the alarm arms and disarms properly. If the alarm arms properly chances are that the problem is not the alarm.

If when you try to start your car the alarm goes off it might be a sign that your battery is the problem.

If when you start your car everything lights up and the alarm works fine, the problem might be your bad starter.

Car alarm sounds constantly

There are a few troubleshooting techniques you can perform in order to deal with this situation, but the first thing you should do is check if the systems in your car are working. After doing that try disabling the alarm manually.

Sometimes, this might be done by switching the valet switch of your alarm for the time that your problem isn’t solved. You can perform this by putting your car-key into the ignition and then holding down the push switch until the lights on your switch stay a constant color.

Your next step should be checking your sensor – sometimes an overly sensitive sensor might make the car alarm going off constantly. Luckily, sensors are adjustable and changing this settings is an easy fix of the problem.

If this doesn’t work we would suggest disconnecting other devices from your car. These devices range from cell phones to parking sensors and GPS devices and may interfere with the car alarm.

However, it is very important to remember that you shouldn’t uninstall your alarm if you have no experience in the field. If there are some problems with your car alarm a professional skill of alarm expert will be needed.

Additional note:

Sometimes your car owner’s manual might have information on how to handle this situation. This is why before you take any actions, try to read into it and follow the guidance you have there, if given.

If the alarm is still not working properly, you might need to disarm it and bring it to car alarm experts. Disarming of the alarm might require you to disconnect the alarm fuse, but this is something an expert can help you do even over the phone.

You should check if your alarm arms and disarms properly because if it doesn’t you must have it checked by your installer. If it does however, you should make sure that your dome light is not staying on and that all doors are closed.

Also the alarm’s sensor in some cases can detect that your battery voltage is dropping, additionally it can sense that some equipment like GPS and other devices are drawing voltage if you left them on.

Car alarm doesn’t activate at all

If you are facing this problem we suggest you taking your vehicle to car alarm experts because this is when your car doesn’t have any protection or deterring abilities towards thieves. If it is not a visible problem and if you are not experienced in the field it is highly suggested that you seek professional advice and troubleshooting.

Additional information

As stated above, there are some outside factors that can have an influence on your car alarm. Many of them would in the end request professional skills and opinions and if you are not sure that you can handle and efficiently fix the problem, don’t do so.

This is because you might subject yourself to paying even more than you should have due to the fact that you might break something else.

Since most car alarms are built to last, it is very likely for them to be fixable. However, in some cases like when the car alarm is highly damaged, you might need to replace the whole car alarm – for example this can happen to flooded cars.


Even though car alarms are made for the protection from invaders and to deter thieves, sometimes problems regarding them are inevitable. If you follow the steps stated above within the right circumstance, you can repair your car alarm without help of a professional.

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