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Car Alarm Installation Prices – What to Expect in the Installation Process?

Car Alarm Installation Prices – What to Expect in the Installation Process?

A life without a car alarm brings many disadvantages to everyday car-drivers. However, many cars don’t have car alarms, and owners of those cars must do this process after purchasing the car.

Having to install your own car alarm system can be an exhausting experience, you have to worry about many technical things and yet you have to pay a lot of money to go through this trouble. And the market of car alarm installation is so big you can actually get lost in it without finding the proper solution for your own situation.

That is the reason why in this article we will focus on the process of car alarm installation by professionals and what should a car-owner expect to pay.

Important Note

Comparing prices can be hard but it is worth it after getting your best deal.

Additionally the internet offers many special offers for these types of services. But you must make sure that the car alarm you are choosing suits your car.

Lastly, look for businesses that specialize in your type of vehicle, even if you pay more. Your safety will be on a higher level if you choose this option. Don’t hesitate to look for certificates of advanced course work or other training.

What to Expect in the Installation Process?

It doesn’t matter if you live in a high crime environment with a standard car alarm built in and you want to improve your security system or if you own an older car and want to add one now. There are a few things that must be taken into consideration that are shared for most cases:

Which factors can influence the price

There are a number of things that can make the installation cheaper or much more expensive. Amongst those things as most important we found the following

  • The type of the car alarm
  • The type of the car
  • The complexity of the installation process
  • Labor rates and engineering skills

How do prices range Prices range from very high to very low

You can expect almost anything regarding the price. It does depend a lot from the type of car alarm you are installing, and even there the price isn’t standardized.

A basic car alarm with a siren being attached to the car’s wiring system can be paid very low but some higher quality car alarm brands can require much higher and somewhat unreasonable prices.This depends on the type of the car alarm, the types of sensors and the complexity of the wiring.

Additionally advanced security systems can cost double or triple from the basic prices because they have a greater number and different sensors, a much more sophisticated controller and a higher quality and effectiveness. Some of these include a camera or a remote ignition starter which complicate the installation process even more.

This is because not only they require extra work, but they also require advanced knowledge. Further more advanced instalment of car alarms requires right tool and special knowledge in taking apart a whole car and putting it back together to work properly.

This is also why the price can also be influenced because a high-end car can require more work than lower priced cars.

However, these are typical guidelines, for further information you should check with professional instalment experts that can provide individual information

What generally is included in the price

What you get by hiring professionals to install your car alarm is the following process:

  • You supply the car alarm device and deliver it to the professionals to mount it thus facing the consequences of a wrong choice of a car alarm for your vehicle
  • After accepting the item, they remove the dash as needed and they wire your car
  • They do thorough inspection and research of car doors in order to ensure the alarm triggers
  • They return the car to you and they give you instructions on how to operate and maintain the car alarm

Note that you shouldn’t pay more if you only want to deter break-ins because even basic alarms are enough. However if your goal is to protect valuables you keep inside your car like jewelry it would be a smart decision to get an advanced system which is designated to monitor possible points of entering.

You should hire professional because even these activities that look like something that anyone can do – can go wrong in so many ways. Let’s not forget that you are installing a car alarm to ensure safety of the valuables in your car and to ensure that your car will not get stolen.

However, if the car alarm is not installed properly then the whole purpose of the car alarm is lost.

Delegating this work to an expert will prevent you from having to worry if you did something wrong or if you did something right while breaking something else.

When the car alarm installation gets done the way it is supposed to be, you will be able to leave your vehicle in the driveway feeling safe for as long as the car alarm works.


The car alarm installation price is an additional payment you have to make before enjoying your good night’s sleep without worrying that your valuables from your car gets stolen.

Since most of the car alarm systems are evolving and there are many new different wiring types and installation techniques, it is highly suggested that you delegate this job to a professional.

After all, the price you pay for the installation process is nothing to buying a new car because you didn’t install the alarm properly in the first place. Also, there is a reasonable proportion between the price of the car alarm and the installation of it.

Additionally, this is only the price you pay for the sophistication of your car system and the type of the vehicle. And in a competitive market like ours, with a well informed decision, you are very much likely to get a best-deal for yourself.

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