Which Are the Best Car Alarm Brands and What Should you Look For?

Car Alarm Brands – Which Are the Best and What Should you Look For?

People throughout the world are struggling in order to find the proper car alarm for them. We all know that different car alarms do the same job differently. Additionally, there are many car alarm brands and it can be a real struggle to find the one for you.

Upgrading your car security is something that everyone and everywhere needs. It doesn’t matter if you live in a safe and crime-free environment.

The truth is that even if it only happens once or even if your car doesn’t get stolen, instead a few meaningless items are taken – your feeling of safety will not be the same. This is why any car alarm’s reason of existence is security and prevention of theft.

However, sometimes car alarms can ease your driving experience through key-free entry features, remote starting features and whatnot.

Because of the reasons stated above, in the following text, we focused on the most important features a car alarm should provide and we will try to clear the path to a secured car. Each of these brands is popular throughout the world and customers are highly satisfied with them.

Before that, we would like to go over a few tips for beginners and newbies to car security:

Features you should look into: Which are the best car alarm brands

Do they have keyless entries?

The remote car alarms have can be used to arm and disarm your car, unlock the doors or release the drunk. Even though a lot of cars have this feature, but the car alarm remotes surely ease the process because you don’t to have the key with you.

Do they have a starter kill option?

The car alarm sends a notification to your remote which makes your remote buzz. The starter kill option can be used especially in the situations in which your car is stolen because you can stop the engine from running with a click of a button.

Does it have full-car sensors?

This feature detects movements, disturbances and other actions taken upon your vehicle. For example, you will get a notification if someone is making an attempt in stealing your wheels or if your car is being towed away. You will be alerted and informed about any changes and actions towards your car.

Does it allow remote starting of the car?

Let’s be honest, it would really ease your life if you can start your car from your window. This goes for cold winter days when you cannot bare the cold in your car or for hot summer days when you want to enter and have a nice chilly ride.

Which brands provide the highest quality car alarms?

We chose the following car alarm brands as most distinguished. They are most likely to fulfill the wishes and meet the expectations of every car driver:


Viper is a brand name recognizable throughout the world. They are said to provide car alarms with an incredible technology. Additionally, they have a lot of different features for car alarms.

This means that you can look up Viper car alarm products and devices and literally lose yourself among great features. They are known for incredible technical features and great performance.

Nowadays their car safety technology involves smart phone remote control which makes this car alarm brand possibly the best in the business. What we want to tell you is that you will pay for it but it will definitely be worth your buck. The smart phone feature allows a handier and more accessible car security system.

Also, among the features the Viper brand has are keyless entry, remote starting, VPS compatibilities and other amazingly helpful features. Viper just screams sophistication.

Auto page

They are a rather serious and a reliable car alarm manufacturing company. What they offer is quality on your car alarm systems in addition to their technologically advanced items. They also offer the integrated cellular and GPS tracking.

They also offer a ton of tremendous features like panic and anti-jack mode. This brand is an excellent choice for those who want to have control of their car and its environment.


The people at Avital have done a great job in securing many cars. They offer premium car alarm systems that include shock sensor that can detect tampering, and remote key entries. If break-in should happen or if someone even attempts to do so, their remotes will effectively notify you.

However, they aren’t much advanced in the SmartStart technologies, but this hasn’t harmed their effectiveness.  So, if you are a practical person who wants simple and yet effective solution for your car-safety – the Avital car alarms are just for you!

Flash Logic

One of the most important things Flash Logic brings to the table is their wide range of choice. They have so many different car alarm products that it is impossible for a consumer to not find what they need.

And not only that, they also have car alarms that are compatible with many different cars. They are probably one of the best chances you have in finding a car alarm for your old-timer car. And when you do, you can stay rest assured that your car will be safe.


Even though the name speaks of the products, we have to elaborate the awesome car alarms that are provided by Crimestopper. What you get by a product like this is a true fighter against an attempted break in.

Almost every product they offer has strong siren and it will most likely chase away any intruder who touches your car. Not only that, but they have a very advanced technology offering remote operation range up to 3.000 feet.

They also offer after-market vehicle security products, featuring remote start, Fortin bypass, keyless entry systems and the highest quality security systems for cars, trucks and so forth. Their security products provide an excellent layer of vehicle convenience and protection.


It is not a lie when we say that there are thousands of different products on the market. However, ensuring your car safety with a reliable car alarm brand is definitely a good choice.

With respect to other brands, the ones stated above have shown great results and have satisfied customer’s needs. In the end, what matters most is to keep your vehicle in the driveway away from the hands of thieves.

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