Best Car Alarm

Best Car Alarm

Investing in a great car alarm can be a good idea for both the protection of yourself and your automobile investment. Without a quality car alarm, not only you but your loved ones can potentially be at risk. Like any product, some are better than others and a good deal of research should be conducted before an ultimate decision is made.

Here, we will break down three separate car alarms to see which one comes out on top, giving you an idea of what to look for. Many important aspects to consider while scoping the market for car alarms will be considered. The most important thing is that you don’t make a rushed or impulse decision. By carefully reviewing the pros and cons of the alarms you are looking at, you will quickly be able to identify which alarms pass or fail.

Avital 4113LX Remote Start With 2 1-Button Remotes


Panic mode option Alarm can be activated remotely Includes two remotesRemotes are easy to use, due to single button design


Only requires one 12v batteryTwo additional remotes, or four in total, can be programmed into the system Compatible with a variety of vehicles Alarm can be self-installed Remotes are plastic but still have a high-quality, durable feel


Shipping outside the US can be an issue Car alarm installation can be tricky for those who are not technically mindedHas the ability to drain certain vehicles batteries surprisingly fast Lock and unlock button on the remotes can be slightly more responsive

Megatronix Megalarm – MEGA110


Provides the user with keyless entry Long-range remotes Siren can be modulated with multi tone effects LED interface signifying alarm status Vehicle location mode


Alarm is exceedingly loud, even compared to other name brand car alarmsAdds a level of functionality with keyless entry


Alarm can be difficult to install without the help of a professional

CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm


Remote start functionalityOption for keyless entry Remote range reaches up to 1,000 ft LED light on remotes Siren has a 6 tone auditory effect


Remotes contain simple interface including four distinct buttonsShock sensor immediately recognizes any foreign impact


Installation goes beyond a simple 3 wire system, and could require the help of a professional Installation by a professional can be pricey Bypass module not included Remote can be slightly too responsive, accessing the alarm without the user’s consent


Each of the previously mentioned car alarms has its pros and cons. These are easily identified by briefly reading their descriptions and doing some general research. Although we will be identifying a top car alarm among the three, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best out there, or that the alarms that didn’t finish on top are the worst out there.

Regardless of the outcome, anyone serious about finding the right car alarm should conduct more extensive research of their own. The Megatronix appears to be the best on the list for several reasons.

Although it might not be the best alarm in the world, the cons in so far as it is concerned are minimal. Unlike the other alarms mentioned, the downsides to this product are not nearly as extensive.

Each of the other products seem to have down sides in almost every aspect of their performance, making it hard for them to compete. This can ultimately result in money and time wasted, as well as the user safety in general. Afterall, an alarm should do nothing more than guarantee a degree of safety first and foremost.

It also features long-range remotes, that have ranges far more extensive than the remaining two products. This makes it ideal for instances where one may need to locate their vehicle from far away, or in highly populated parking lots. The remote also features an LED interface, queuing the user into various information.

The CompuSTAR and the Avital did not earn the number one spot for several reasons. The Avital Alarm in particular drains batteries at a dangerously quick rate. This, no alarm should do. An alarm is meant to be a backup safety system, but if it is draining one’s battery then ultimately how can it be serving its purpose?

This alarm has been seen to drain batteries on occasions where cars are of the utmost importance (heading to work, heading home). This major flaw in the Avital system is alarming in its own right. Aside from that, purchasing this alarm and having it shipped anywhere outside the United States appears to be an issue. This is a massive flaw from a distribution standpoint.

Unlike the CompuSTAR, the remotes themselves appear to be quite the opposite in the sense that they are not responsive enough. They seem to have a hard time engaging. If one is in a rush or a time crunch, this can be quite a problem.

The Megatronix system, however, has no problem being responsive, yet not too responsive to where buttons are not accidentally engaged without the user’s command.

On the other hand the CompuSTAR also faced several deficiencies of its own. The installation of the product, in particular, is quite complex. Compared to the other two alarms, it goes above and beyond simple three wire systems that the average consumer could do from home. The technicality of setting up this alarm system in one’s car is simply over most people’s heads.

Not only can instalation add to the overall cost, but it is above and beyond the technical skill most alarm consumers have. And since installation of your alarm system by a professional can reach into the hundreds of dollars, this is definitely a downside to the CompuStar appeal. On top of that, the remotes themselves are very finicky and responsive.

There have been instances where the alarm would be triggered randomly by simply jumbling around in one’s pocket. This can be a massive annoyance as well as a major downside to having an alarm to begin with. Nobody wants to go throughout their day continually, accidentally, setting off their car alarm. Not only is this distracting, but it is unnecessary to begin with.

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