APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Car Alarm System Review

APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Car Alarm System Review

If you are looking to install a car alarm with an advanced security system, the best option you have is the new APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Car Alarm System. This product is available in the aftermarket for an affordable price and will be delivered straight to your home for free.

The new model replaces the old APS997C and is said to be better in many ways. It comes in a package with a 5-button, 2-way remote control with an LCD command-confirming transmitter.

Should you lose this one, you still have a secondary remote control which is a 5-button 1-way transmitter.

The two-way alarm allows you to lock and unlock the car as well as press the panic button. Aside from this, you can also operate different modes such as LCD transmitter additional countdown timer mode, parking meter countdown mode and the cold temperature start mode.

Furthermore, the APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Car Alarm System also allows single or two user-programmable settings and separate control outputs for your convenience. Lastly, the alarm comes complete with a limited lifetime warranty.

Features of APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Car Alarm

  • A 2-way remote start car alarm with advanced security system
  • Allows 1-way or 2-way settings through separate control outputs
  • Includes a 2-way 5-button LCD remote control
  • The primary remote with backlit LCD confirms and sends command
  • Comes in a package with a 1-way 5-button remote control
  • Includes a remote panic button in all modes
  • Features the starter interrupt also known as starter kill to protect car against hot-wiring
  • Features a dual-stage shock sensor for detecting blows or impacts to your car
  • Includes safety and security features such as last-door arming, RF inhibit with ignition on and a multi-tone siren
  • Includes intrusion alert with memory and parking light flasher for added security
  • Includes a lifetime limited warranty


Two-way car alarm systems are becoming popular because they are more effective in providing security for your vehicle and possessions. One of the promising brands today is the Prestige APS997E 2-Way LCD Remote Start and Car Alarm System.

This model is an improved, more advanced version of the APS997C. In fact, it has received a lot of positive feedback from buyers, and has received impressive ratings on Amazon.

The Prestige brand is owned by VOXX Electronics, a company that has been manufacturing a wide array of products since 1965. They are known in the automotive aftermarket for their affordable and high-quality car alarms, mobile and consumer electronics products.

This 2-way car alarm system is very affordable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It will be delivered to your house for free too.

According to recent customer reviews, this product is considered as one of the best car alarm systems that allow remote start. It comes in a package with not one but two remote controls so you can operate in different modes from a distance.

A lot of customers also say that the remotes have an amazing range, transmitting and receiving commands even if you are a long way away from the car. The remotes have different functions.

The primary one is a 2-way LCD command confirming transmitter with a built-in LED light and valet switch while the other one is a 1-way 5-button remote control.

The LCD display screen and the five buttons make the overall operation of the car manageable. You can set the two or four-hour automatic alarm modes, cold temperature starts mode, parking meter countdown mode and LCD transmitter additional countdown mode.

Weighing only 2.4 pounds with dimensions of 8.2 x 6.2 x 3.7 inches, the remote will fit in your pocket easily.


While this product is good, it could still be improved. One of the most common complaints people point out is that the remote buttons are too sensitive.

You only have to press them gently to either lock or unlock your car. The problem is that it can easily be pushed in the pocket. That means you may unintentionally disarm your car without knowing.

Aside from this, the key chain controls cannot be locked. Furthermore, the price of this two-way car alarm seems to be expensive for some people.


With all the great features of the Prestige APS997E, it has successfully surpassed the earlier version. It has promising functionalities that come handy in many situations. Overall, this product is highly recommended.

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